Operetta - Repaint, Reroot, Outfit

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omg what?! lol

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Bring consent out of the bedroom. I think part of the reason we have trouble drawing the line “it’s not okay to force someone into sexual activity” is that in many ways, forcing people to do things is part of our culture in general. Cut that shit out of your life. If someone doesn’t want to go to a party, try a new food, get up and dance, make small talk at the lunchtable—that’s their right. Stop the “aww c’mon” and “just this once” and the games where you playfully force someone to play along. Accept that no means no—all the time.


coming home

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Anthony Mackie gets really excited at the mention of being in other Marvel projects. [x]

This man is a fucking gift to this fandom and should be cherished.

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My dash…

is full of captain america. Last week it was game of thrones.

I love you guys.


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From the little-known Vikings edition of Frozen. [x]

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